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Quick Tips for Quake3 Team Arena

  • Use the console to issue commands. The tilde (~) key will bring down the console. From the console you can change game settings, get a list of commands, check what your settings are and change the settings. You can also chat from the console.
  • The console has 3 very useful keys, the tab key, the up arrow and the down arrow. The tab key will complete partial commands for you. Example: type the following 5 characters \sens then hit the tab key. This should complete the command for you. You can now hit enter to see the current mouse sensitivity or you can type a value and then hit enter and the mouse sensitivity will be set to that value. To issue commands, you must first type a slash, either back slash or forward slash. After you have issued a command you can repeat that command by simply hitting the up arrow. The 2 arrow keys are the command history keys. If you issue 3 commands and you want to issue the first command again then all you need to do is tap the up arrow 3 times. Use the pageup and pagedown keys to scroll the console.
  • Some important commands and their recommended or minimum setting. If you have lots of memory, then double the com_?????megs settings.
  • \rate 5000
  • \com_hunkmegs 128
  • \com_maxfps 125
  • \cg_drawtimer 1
  • \cg_drawfps 1
  • \cg_lagometer 1
  • \cmdlist
  • Modify your shortcut to Team Arena. Add the following in the target box of the properties window for the shortcut.
  • +set com_zonemegs 32 +set com_soundmegs 16
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