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  The purpose of OpenMatch is to give registered layers a simple way to 
organize Quake3 matches on a public server. The matches can be scheduled 
via the OpenMatch Web Interface or they can just be impromptu matches that 
the players call while on a server. Once the match has been scheduled or 
called the OpenMatch program will provide the needed assistance to put 
players on the correct team and to prevent others from joining uninvited. 
All matches will be logged and stats will be kept. Anyone can participate 
and you don't need to join a clan or make a special request to the server 
admin to get in on some action. People that are already in clans may find 
it a good way to stay sharp between clan matches. The only thing required 
to register, is a valid email address. Registration makes it possible to 
identify players and allows the program to verify who you are. Minors will 
require written permission from their legal guardians.                     

  A serverside program will automatically add players to the correct team 
once they have "Authenticated" and move all non-match players to spectator. 
The program will open up extra slots to be sure the match players can get 
in and remove non-match players if necessary (specs may have the option of 
GTV). It will prevent others that didn't sign up for the match from entering 
the game and it will prevent anyone from impersonating another player. This 
is done by the player entering his "Authcode" with a "say" command which 
is invisible to everyone else and does not show up in a condump. The "say" 
command can be bound to a single key for convenience. The players authcode 
will be tied to their playername and the server will check both the displayed 
portion of the playername and the "raw code". The serverside program will take 
care of dropped players and if an alternate is on the server, they will be 
automatically put into the game. The Web Interface will take care of rankings
and the serverside program will sort players onto the teams by the rankings.
If all of this works correctly and the problems can be fixed, other features 
will be added. One feature that will be implemented first will be the player 
ranking system that will help to keep the teams balanced. In the early stages, 
players will be ranked according to their own assessment. 

  Since this is just starting development, the only timeslots available at 
this time will be on the test servers, right now that's just LinuxDude and 
possibly the Mystery server too. The idea is to have at least one regularly 
scheduled match each week and if things go well, it may be expanded to other 
timeslots and other servers as this will be an "opensource" system that any 
server admin can use and if so inclined, can help develop ;-). This is only 
being tested with the Team Arean MOD at this time but OpenMatch should work 
with any Quake3 based game. It is being developed on Linux and there are some 
major issues that have to be resolved for it to be compatible with Windows. 

OpenMatch relies on several features of the Q3AS serverside MOD.

OpenMatch is PHP/Perl/MySQl/Apache/phpBB2 powered. Opensource Rox!

OpenMatch is guaranteed to run best on Linux or FreeBSD